Form 6 Graduation 2015


The 4th CSS Form 6 Graduation was held on Friday, 5 June 2015 at the School Hall. This year we were very pleased to have invited Dr. Ann Hui On-wah, the winner of the Best Director for the Hong Kong Films Award for several years, a prominent film director, producer, playwright and actress, who has consented to be the Guest of Honour for the event. 

The Ceremony was filled with joy and happiness. A number of students were on stage to perform for the very last time. The Graduation Speeches made by Gordon Choi (Ja6) and Matthew Wang (Ju6) were meaningful and touching. The Ceremony ended with the 4th cohort of graduates singing together the graduation song 'The Days' and the orchestral piece composed and conducted by Michael Cheng (Ca6). 


All guests and graduates continued their celebrations at the hall balcony where the annual Design Technology Exhibition was held with the tea reception organised and arranged by a group of Form 5 students. The Graduation was a great success for everyone's contribution in the year group. In particular, special thanks should go to the Graduation Committee,

Matthew Wang (Ju6), Jack Martin (Ba6), Rachel Chung (Ju6), Michael Cheng (Ca6), Helios Tai (Ca6), Bernard Chung (Ca6) and Kelly Hui (De6), with the support from Ms Marnie Duff and Mr.Cassy Yu as the Event Advisors.


The graduates ended the celebration by having arranged the Graduation Dinner on the following evening at the W Hotel Hong Kong. We wish all students of the 4th cohort of graduates every success in their future.

IMG 8616 IMG 8749 F6 G2
F6 Jacaranda Gordon Choi Graduation Speech