Nicole Shi wins Top Sports Prize

Nicole Shi (F5De) is a proud winner of one of the Grantham Ten Sport Excellence Awards from the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) this year!

Nicole is a CSS scholar, our Student Union President, and an excellent sports all-rounder who represents Hong Kong in Cross Country running. The award does not only recognize Nicole's outstanding sports performances, but her sportsmanship, academic achievement and leadership qualities as well.

Nicole is someone with ambition who sets high personal goals. She is passionate about sports, and is also an accomplished ballet dancer. She has been a dedicated member of our school's athletics and swimming teams since Form 1. She took up triathlon, aquathon and then cross country later on. In cross country she made very rapid progress and her significant breakthrough came last year when she competed as a member of the Hong Kong team in the Asian Schools Cross Country Championships, a grueling event held at high altitude in Mongolia.

Her commitment and persistence culminated in multiple gold medals in HKSSF interschool meets, 1st in the 2000m Steeplechase at the IAAF World Athletic Day, awards in a number of HKAAA and other races (e.g. Unicef Charity Run, Nike Women's 10k challenge), plus awards in Hong Kong Triathlon and Aquathon series. Most recently she represented Sai Kung District in the 5th Hong Kong Games, running in the 800m and 1500m track races.

"I feel honored yet humbled to have been placed among some of the top junior athletes in Hong Kong. I would really like to thank the teachers at CSS for being supportive and encouraging me throughout my sports career at the school. They often saw potential in me that I myself failed to see. Without them, I would not have been able to achieve what I could have achieved today,'' Nicole said, adding that the two most important qualities that kept her going and improving are commitment and taking risks. "We must try in order to achieve and we must not give up in order to become better. Balancing my sports, academics, and other leadership responsibilities over the last two years has been difficult and I hope to establish stronger focus for myself - both to achieve more in less time as well as specialize more.''

The HKSFF award ceremony to be held on Friday 26th June offers awards for sportsboy and sportsgirl for the year, 10 other athletes for Ten Sport Excellence Awards and up to 44 others for Outstanding Athletes for 22 different sports. It is the first time that a CSS athlete has reached this level of excellence. Nicole's family as well as the CSS community are very proud of her.

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