International History Bee and Bowl success

This year, 30 of our students have taken part in two competitions. The first was held at CSS earlier this year, and the second round was
held on 28 February at Hong Kong International School in Tai Tam.
It was a pretty long and academically grueling day, with students taking part in a series of competitions spread over 12 hours.
Our students generally did very well. In particular the Middle School, made up of mostly Form 2 students (who are new to the competition) reached the final of their competition, losing out to Harrow by 20 points (each question is worth 10 points).
They were not the only ones to achieve success however, with the following students qualifying for the Asian Championships (Phuket, June) and the World Championships (Hawaii, July).
Terence Chow - F4De
Dominic Lumley-Smith - F4De
YC Cheung - F4De
Eric Lo - F4Ju鷸
Haw Dong Ho - F4De
Marvin Lee - F4Bo
Alfred Chan - F4Bo
Thomas Cao - F4Bo
Iris Au - F4De
Irene Wu - F4De
Isabella So - F4De
Wesley Wong - F3Ba
Bernice Chau - F4De
Melody - F4Ba
Gigi Fung - F4De
William Smith - F2Bo
Galax Chen - F2Ca
Nikki Wong - F2De
Lorraine Lo - F2Ja
Lauren Young - F2Bo
Summer Yau - F2Ba