M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio

M+ Rover: Travelling Creative Studio is the first major school outreach programme organised by M+. The 7.5 metre-long tailor-made trailer will tour to secondary schools and community spaces during the academic year from March to July 2016.
M+ Rover is like a space expedition to a distant planet, taking students into uncharted creative territory. It is a pop-up exhibition and learning space that emphasises participatory art practice and collaboration between students and artists.
M+ Rover is going to be held at Creative Secondary School on the 22nd March (Tuesday, Day B). M+ staff will come to school at around 8:30 am and set up in the trailer in the school grounds
There are two school activities assigned which include M+ Rover exhibition and artist-led activities. Below are the details:
(i) M+ Rover exhibition
Date: 22 March 2016 (Tuesday)
Time: 10 am - 3 pm
(ii) Artist-led activities
Date: 22 March 2016 (Tuesday)
Time:3:00pm – 5:30pm
No. of participant: 25 F4 students The artists -
Siu Wai Hang 
Siu Wai Hang sets out to observe and explore the visible and invisible borders on campuses and in community spaces with students, using a special device that employs the camera obscura concept (forerunner of the modern camera). Together, they will reflect on conventional boundaries and roles surrounding issues such as power, ethnicity, and gender. Their collaborative creative efforts will culminate in an evolving installation that reexamines the meaning of "borders".
Photography artist Siu Wai Hang holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Media from School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. He earned his Master of Fine Arts from Department of Fine Arts, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2014, he won the WYNG Masters Award. Since 2012, Siu has had two solo exhibitions: The Elusive, Lumenvisum (2015) and Metropolis Chlorophyll, K11 (2010). He has exhibited in a number of group shows, including: 780s, Blindspot Gallery (2014); WYNG Masters Award Finalists’ Exhibition – GASP!, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2014); Pingyao International Photography Festival 2013; Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012, Hong Kong Museum of Art (2013); Hong Kong Eye, Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong (2013); Image on the Run, City University of Hong Kong (2013); and Dine at Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate (2009). His work is in the collections of The Legislative Council of Hong Kong, The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong, and private collectors. He lives and works in Hong Kong and teaches at various art institutes and universities.
Tang Kwok Hin 
Slang reflects social reality and reveals hidden history. Tang Kwok Hin will invite students to interpret Cantonese dialect and slang vocabulary originating from different generations to stimulate their understanding of the lives of different generations. Students will reimagine new and disappearing words and phrases through writing, sketching, and mulitimedia. Tang will create ''teaching materials'' with alternative narratives based on this reimagined language and art.
Tang Kwok Hin is a mixed media artist, independent curator, and writer. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008 and Bachelor of Arts (major in Fine Arts) in 2006. His art focuses on space, time, and symbols; he explores hidden rules of life and existence in his work. He participated in the 15th WRO Media Art Biennale (2013); Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards (2009); and the Discoveries section of the first Art Basel in Hong Kong with a solo presentation. His work has been exhibited at Ice Palace, United States; Osthaus Museum Hagen, Germany; Singapore Art Museum; Venice Arsenale, Italy; Hong Kong Museum of Art; and Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan. He received first prize at the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial (2009); won the Hong Kong Arts Development Award for Young Artist (2010); and received an Asian Cultural Council grant (2013). His work is in the collections of Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and in private collections around the world.