C grade Football team through to knockout stage of HKSSF Div 3 Kowloon 1

It has been fairly successful so far in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) Division 3 Kowloon 1 as CSS C grade boys have won all their games so far this season and are now in the stage of the final 8 teams.
Please congratulate the C grade boys for winning all 4 group games sending them through to the quarter finals. Hopefully they will be able to play the match as it will be on the 29th April during activity week.
Max Patchell F1De
Dustin Chung F1Ba
Axyl William Clarkson F1Ja
Robin Chung F1Ba
Ho Yik Hang Matthew F1Ju
Wan Long Hei Oscar F1Ju
William Kieth Smith F2Bo
Zan Yang Chin F1De
Albin Ting MY1Ba
Regan Ng Wai Yiu F1Cas
Owen BT Wearne F2Ba
Neilsen Iu F2 Cassia
Morgan Thomas Powel F1Ju
Samuel Shore F1ju
Bryan Kwan Chouk Hin F1Ju
Jonathan Yang F2Ca
Samuel Yeun F2Ca
Aiden Lam F2 Bo
Chester Ethan Tsao MY1
Donald Ng F2 Ba
Brar Karanpreet Singh F2 Jac
Good job boys and thank you Mr Derek Lee for giving them such good coaching.