To extend the festive cheer of the Chinese New Year, CSS students welcomed the Year of the Tiger with lots of energy and creativity at the Creative Chinese Festival. F.1 students of the 6 Houses designed and created their own style and movements in the Lion Dance Competition whilst F.3 students created costumes for teachers. The design and material for the costumes should be environmental friendly as well as aesthetic. Guess who were the super models for the 6 Houses? 
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The School Hall was overwhelmed with excitement and laughter when teachers displayed their talents with students through dancing and singing. The Chinese Drama Team worked with some F.2 students to play a story of Si Ma Qian, the great Historian of Han Dynasty. It was a professional performance which has informed the audience of Chinese history.

Winners of the Lion Dance Competition:

1st Place: F.1 Bauhinia

2nd Place: F.1 Juniper

3rd Place: F.1 Delonix


Winners of the Chinese Costume Competition:

1st Place: F.3 Delonix

2nd Place: F.3 Bombax

3rd Place: F.3 Bauhinia

Congratulations to the winners!