(Press Release 15th January 2010)

tat5267s.jpgEmployers from a wide variety of companies and organizationsattended an inaugural Handshaking Evening on 14 January. 37 employers are participatingin the school’s work experience program which will take place in March andApril. 124 F.4 students will spend a week experiencing what the real workplaceis like for the first time in their life. 

During the evening, students met their respectiveemployers and briefed them about their particular strengths and skills and employers in turn described to themwhat their companies do.

Due to globalization and the impact of the Information and CommunicationTechnologies, workplaces in the world are experiencing unprecedented rapidchange.

In responding to that, many governments around theworld, including ours in Hong Kong, are energetically implementing curriculumreforms to cope with such change so that new generations of graduates joiningthe workforce are better prepared to match the expected skills and personalqualities needed in the 21st century workplace.

tat5239s.jpgThe Work Experience Placement Programme makes an important contribution to students’ learning in theHong Kong Senior Secondary Curriculum as well as the InternationalBaccalaureate (IB) Programmes, both of which are offered atCreative Secondary School.

“Our aim is to broaden the horizons of our students, preparing them to be responsible, caring citizens of the world,”said Mr. Cheung Siu Ming, Principal of the Creative Secondary School. “In ourcurriculum, we integrate into every subject aspects of learning that encourage studentsto think critically as well as broadly, to learn how to learn and be lifelonglearners.

Mr. Cheung also said, “In a real workplace, ourstudents learn to develop their sense of responsibility, open mindedness andadaptability and put into practice communication, team working and creativeskills they have learned at school”.

Work experience gained by students will count towardstheir “Other Learning Experience (OLE)”required under the new Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). For students who will follow the IB Diploma Programmein F.5,  it will be usefulpreparation  for the Creativity ActionService  (CAS) component.

Media enquiry: Mr. Cheung Siu Ming, Principal of Creative Secondary School (2336 0233)