On 8th May 2010, 5 students from Creative Secondary School joined a debate with other high school students at the Legislative Council. They are Tsau Jin Cheng (De 4), Adrian Man (De 4), Jimmy Tong (De 4), Gabriel Yip (Ba 4) and Nerissa Yeung (Ja 4).


Each student played a role in the Legislative Council Debate. These varied from the Chairman to one of the 60 councillors representing 30 geographical constituencies and 30 functional constituencies. They were all asked to express views on a motion from a specific perspective accodring to their required identity.


CSS students were delighted to see the enthusiasm of other participants from local schools. The heated discussion impressed the judges who were professional debaters and laywers.


Our students gave natural yet clearly structured speeches. They successfully ignited emotions and emphasized key points.


Apart from the debate, all students toured around the Legislative Council and had access to significant conference rooms and courts. They had a clear picture of the operation of the Legco behind-the-scenes.


CSS students learnt a lot from the debate and are eager to participate in the Mock Legco next year.