During Activities Week, Form 2 students attended an Environment Camp. The aims of the camp were to highlight environmental issues and promote positive attitudes towards the environment.

Day 1

Students traveled to Lantau Island and took the Nong Ping 360 cable-car to the top of the mountain. They then hiked along the mountain top to an area that is being forested.  We were introduced to the concepts of conservation and sustainable development. Students learned about the technical aspects of planting saplings and then demonstrated care for the environment by planting the young trees in an area that is rarely seen by other people, yet is close to a large development project.  

Day 2

Students learned about ecosystems and the animals that inhabit at Ocean Park. Students inquired about topics that ranged from shark conservation, Confucian concepts of ‘Harmony between Nature and Man”, and using Panda dung to make paper. 

Day 3

We visited a small island in Sai Kung called Sharp Island. Students investigated the natural features of the island, as well as some of the organisms that are found both in the water and on the beach. Students reflected on their experience on the island and communicated their thoughts by creating an art piece.

Day 4

Finally, the fourth day found us on Lantau Island again, at a place called Treasure Island. Located on an isolated beach, the students learned about bio-fuels and alternative energies.  Students constructed models of wind mills and compared the relative strengths of different designs, they built solar cookers, and participated in a renewable energy simulation.  


The camp’s aims were met with the effort and care demonstrated by the CSS teachers, as well as the hard work and engagement of CSS students.