This wonderful evening of music set the tone for the end of Creative Secondary School's first full cycle of six years in education. The school orchestra excelled in delivering the upbeat and jubilant "Swing the Mood", surely the theme song for the outstanding 6th Form Diploma results to follow. The String Ensemble's evocative performance of Arabian Dreams cast a spell over the audience, surpassed only by the budding virtuosity of the solo performers. In keeping with the School's Invitational philosophy the guest performers (big shout out and thank you to Ginger and Fergus!) brought a whole new dimension to the concert with their heart and soul. The School Choir sung it all with their entrancing performance of "True Colours", the anthem for the MYP graduation. This year's Summer Concert says so much about the CSS community, it's values and achievements: together for the joy of it, each performer an individual, each performance an expression of now and an aspiration for the future, everything Creative Secondary School strives to be.