Principal Cheung and Vice-Principal Farmer attended the UCL Provost Lecture ‘Globalisation of Higher Education: What does it mean to be a truly international university?’ given by the President and Provost of University College London, Malcolm Grant.

Professor Grant defined globalisation as the breaking down of national and geographical barriers in research. This is accompanied by a new emphasis on collaboration across cultures and continents. Curriculums are becoming increasingly global in content, moving away from local knowledge; there is also a growing commitment to learning which contributes to real world issues such as global health, managing cities and the environment. New ideas about knowledge are breaking down traditional subject barriers so that these issues are approached through inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Alongside these developments is the democratisation of knowledge, as more and more people are able to engage with learning on line. Student and teacher exchanges and trans-national programmes support international mindedness and help to create graduates who have the flexibility and quality of mind to adapt to an employment environment that is changing with increasing rapidity.

Whilst Professor Grant was focusing on the context for UCL, which is currently ranked 4th among top universities in the world, many of his ideas reflect CSS’s approach to international education. The IB Diploma, HKDSE and MYP programmes already address many aspects of the Provost’s vision of ‘international’ so that we are confident that CSS students are well prepared to become successful undergraduates in an increasingly global context. CSS currently has four students with offers to study at UCL and we are keen to extend our connections with a world leader in university education.