Annie - School Production 2014

After 5 months of hard work and dedication from a full cast of 40 students and 40 orchestra from Form 1 to Form 6 (not to mention stage crew, technicians and costume and make up assistants) The 4th Creative Secondary School Production spent a week of glory on the school stage. With excellent performances from all involved, it was a great opportunity for the school to come together to celebrate the talent we have. Over 1000 people gathered to watch the performances during the show week including invited guests from Kingston and Creative Primary School. We received many great comments from a number of staff, parents and ex students.

'The whole show was so smooth and fun to watch, and it's amazing to see how you were able to get the school orchestra to play the music. The cast was very funny and entertaining too!' – Florence Tsui (ex IB Theatre student at CCS)

'I was super impressed with the show' (Parent of a cast member)

 'Caught your show last night. Had a swell time. Great characters, great tunes, great story. Apart from the leads, who were excellent, liked your FDR and radio station 'jingles' boy.' (teacher at CSS)

The show managed to raise funds for the SPCA and an orphanage in China – numbers will be published soon.
We would like to take this chance to thank all those involved in supporting the production (especially the Business department and the PTA). We hope to be able to hold such a successful event again next year.

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