CSS Students excel at running

We are very pleased to see our students representing Hong Kong sport teams and compete abroad.

Nicole Shi, F4 Delonix, will be representing the Hong Kong Cross Country team to compete in Mongolia.

She came in second among 42 girls in a time trial conducted on May 10, 2014.  After another two rounds of Pre-Competition Training, her selection was confirmed. She will represent Hong Kong in the 2nd Asian Schools Cross Country Championship in Mongolia on June 28, 2014.

A flag presentation ceremony organized by the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) was held on May 31, 2014 to introduce the individual team members and their schools, and to present them with a Hong Kong flag which they will bring to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Nichole Shi June 2014 CIMG7392

Due to the challenge of running at high altitudes in Mongolia, the HKSSF has organized special training for the athletes at Baptist University to simulate the low oxygen conditions.

Nicole and her family thanked our PE teacher Mr Jimmy Cheng for nominating her to participate in the selection trial and giving her this rare opportunity. Nicole, 15, who only started her running training since last summer, said that her result was much better than everyone expected, including herself and her teachers. She was very surprised that she would come in second as she is a Division 3 runner and topped many students who are Division 1 from various schools. Her family is proud of her.

“With a strong will, I performed well. But I know I could not be nervous as well.’’

She said she has found the key to do well in both sports and academic study.

“Though I have less time, whenever I study, I focus on my study. As rest is indeed very important, I also take enough good rest. Otherwise, being ill will surely affect my performance in study as well as in sport,’’

She added that as she is more talented in running rather than ballet, she switched her focus to running instead. She was happy to be a representative for the Hong Kong Cross Country team as it is a very good experience to compete and be in a team with other athletes.

Though hard training made her tired physically, she did not feel tired mentally as running is her favorite sport.

“I really love running. While I am training, I am very happy.’’

She would continue with her training and do more exercises to prepare for the coming overseas championship.

Nicole is the second student from CSS to be selected to run in a Hong Kong Schools team, after Jack Yeung, F5 Juniper, who achieved this distinction last year.

Jack participated in the 1st Asian School Track and Field Championship in September 2013 in Malaysia. He took part in the Boys 800m and 4 x 400m Relay events.

Jack said that his present performance is not as good as before, since his leg was injured in a championship when he broke the Hong Kong interschool record in January last year. But Jack stressed that he enjoyed the championship in Malaysia very much, as it was a valuable experience for him.

With a spirit of never giving up, he kept on having training and even broke a record recently by running 400 metres in 50.7 second. He hopes that he can run a 400 meters race under 50 seconds in the near future.

Jack Yeung Sep 2013 1 Jack Yeung Sep 2013 2