CSS held a World Cup competition to promote football


Ole, Ole Ole, Ole(singing) - To commemorate BRAZIL 2014 World Cup, CSS held a World Cup competition to promote football but most importantly the spirit; the joy; the unity and smiles on people's faces that football can bring and instil in people's hearts - a real force of power.

Our school ran a Mini World Cup competition for all forms boys and girls event over 2 weeks, games played on court B lunch time, from 12 June to 25th June.

The students formed their own teams with the only rule was that each team has maximum 2 senior players. They can have all Form 1 players but they will be disadvantaging themselves. When they had a team, they could then choose their countries. If 2 teams wanted a country then we would draw it out of the hat for them. After the choice of teams, we had the following countries playing in the CSS World Cup:

Ivory Coast


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The 10 teams were put into a group of 5 to play each other in the group stages with the knock out stages after that. Altogether 28 games were played. The Finals played on Wednesday 25th June. With the winners presented with the CSS World Cup trophy and the Golden Boot presented to the highest scorer.


In the Final, Ivory Coast won the CSS World cup football with a dazzling display of football skills where IC humbled the Japan team scoring 6 goals past them. Please Congratulate the following boys who played so well:

Ivory coast: Joseph tross F4 De, Ng Long HeiF2 Ba, Caleb ChangF4 Ba, Linus Tsao F2 Bo

Japan: Lo kit F4 Ju, Alvin Lam F4 Ba, Michael Kwong F4 Bo, Anakin Chang F3 Bo, Bernie Ngai F2 Ca

Also Brazil took 3rd place with England 4th.

Our PE teacher and Football Coordinator Derek Lee thanked all teachers and support staff and student photographers for helping with this enjoyable event for the students.