CSS Mini-Enterprise competition

The CSS Mini-Enterprise competition was held this term where Form 4 Business students formed small businesses to offer goods and services at the annual swimming gala on 20 June 2014. Overall, the groups managed to generate over $8000 of sales revenue from $4000 of start-up capital. Proceeds will be donated to the students’ charity of choice (UNICEF and WWF).

The process involved creating a business plan and proposing ideas to the Business Department in order to receive funding. The competition involves three awards including best business plan, most profit generated and most creative product line.

The Mini-Enterprise Competition provides an excellent opportunity for the business students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course of the year. This includes areas in management, marketing, human resources, operations, accounting and finance. The process is designed to give students exposure and experience in starting and running a real business, a taste of the commercial world. Students can enrich their holistic development by practicing communication, collaboration, leadership, organising and planning skills.

The process was met with a high level of enthusiasm and positivity. Students demonstrated their ability to work outside their comfort zones with new colleagues and new challenges. Some students displayed an impressive level of business acumen with their choice of product lines, ability to negotiate with suppliers and superior salesmanship. Other students displayed their natural leadership skills and ability to lead a team towards a common goal.

Overall, this year’s Mini-Enterprise was a huge success as all groups managed to sell out their products, achieved significant profit margins and hopefully had fun during the process. Thank you to everyone involved!

Congratulations to the winners of the competition:

Best Business Plan Award - Chan Tsz Tsz Gigi F4Ja, Lam Yi Man Meir F4Ja, Wong Tsz Wang Victor F4Bo, Wong Tze Ying Julia F4Ju, Tam Long Kwan Aaron F4Ja

Most Creative Product Line Award - Chong Yiu Ting Alex F4De, Luk Kar Yan Karen F4Bo, Liu Sum Yu Kathy F4Ca, Pun Hiu Ki Sophia F4Ju, Tross Tristan Joseph F4De

Most Profit Generated Award - Chung Shirmai F4Ju, Hung Kai Wing David F4Ja, Kwan Shing Kwan Brian F4Ba, Kwong Lok Hei Michael F4Bo, Li Leong Hei Gertie F4Ba, So Chun Yat Jack F4Bo

mini-enterprize1 mini-enterprize2