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CSS Students Run to Stop Human Trafficking

7 boys and 9 girls from CSS participated in The 24 Hour Race, an international youth movement that aims to raise awareness and funds for grassroot charities actively fighting against human trafficking.  This is the first time CSS joined the race, which involved 27 other schools in Hong Kong.  Team leaders Juliet Reuven (F6Ba) and Nicole Shi (F5De) went to weekly weekend meetings with race directors to learn about the cause, work out logistics and details, and formed the following two teams: 



·       Tai You Ho F5Ca

·       Tristan Joseph Tross F5De

·       Kenneth Wong F5De

·       Ryan Lai F6Ja

·       Benjamin Lau F5Ja

·       Alfred Wong F3Bo

·       Henry Tang F5Ju


·       Nicole Shi F5De

·       Juliet Reuven F6Ba

·       Zerlinda Lau F5Ja

·       Abigail Malcolm F4Ja

·       Crystal Kwan F3Ju

·       Shirmai Chung F5Ju

·       Cheryl Fung F6Ju

·       Fanny Ho F6Ca

·       Connie Lei F6Ju

During the weeks leading up to the event, we worked in tandem with the CSS Human Rights Group and the new student union Clarus to organise an Anti Human Trafficking Week to involve the school community.  As of November 18th, we have raised over $49,000, far exceeding our goal of $35,000.

The race took place on November 15-16 at the Peak, where we ran over 300km (nearly 100 laps) in 24 hours. At the end, even though everyone was exhausted, we proudly walked a final lap together bearing the CSS flag. This was a special race that we hope to join again next year - sending more teams, raising more funds, and clocking more laps.

Nicole Shi F5De