History Lovers Brought Honour to the School


The passion in history motivates students not only to have explored the ocean of history, but also the ocean of knowledge.


For students joining the History Club "History Bees", they believe that their passion would make them succeed.


On the 17th January 2015, nine CSS students took part in the Hong Kong Competition of the History Bee and Bowl global tournament. The competition was held at the Tai Tam Campus of Hong Kong International School. Other participating schools included Chinese International School, German-Swiss International School, Harrow International School, South Island School, West Island School and Concordia International School.


The Hong Kong Competition was the largest Asian tournament of Bee and Bowl. Twenty Four schools teams join the Competition at various levels. CSS students enrolled in the Junior Varsity Level.


In the Team Competition (Bowl), Thomas Cao (F3 BO), Vincent Tsin (F3 JA), Eric Lo (F3 JU) and Richard Cheung (F4 CA) managed to enter the semi-finals by beating South Island and West Island, thus being eligible to compete in the Asian Championships and International History Olympiad.


In the Individual Competition (Bee), Richard Cheung (F4 CA) entered the finals along with students from Concordia International School, Hong Kong International School and International Christian School. Richard stayed calm and tried to attempt all questions. At the end, Richard was the Second Runner-Up. Also noteworthy was Terence Chow (F3 DE) who qualified together with Richard for the Asian Championships and International History Olympiad. Terence was ranked in the top half of the Bee Competition.


The students joining History Bees said they were interested in history since they were just small kids. Whilst Thomas Cao (F3 BO) had his history interest ignited when he read the Chinese novel Three Kingdoms《三國演義》when he was only a kindergarten pupil, some students said they were inspired by their teachers in primary school.


The students at the History Club are knowledgeable as they read a lot. They are curious about many fields and would actively search information and articles online. Besides having a broad range of knowledge, they have their own specialised areas such as European or Asian history, geographical, scientific or technology histories.


When asked if history is boring, they said indeed it is very funny when you explore its interesting points. They hope more young students will join them.


Richard Cheung (F4 CA) said the inquiry skills they developed through studying history, preparing for the quizzes and competitions are generic skills that they can apply on their studies. Haw Dong (F3 DE) also found his interest in history allowed him to develop critical thinking.


Some of the History Club members have made up their mind to choose History as their major subjects in university.

With a love of history, these students perceived joining history competitions as a way for them to learn more from others, such as how students can equip better for competition.


"Ignite the passion of history, we'll be your lighter. Guide your way to glory of bees,'' Terence Chow (F3 De) said.

"If you have passion, you will succeed in anything,'' he added.


CSS also joined the inaugural Hong Kong Competition and Asian Championships of Bee and Bowl last year. Including Alfred Chan (F3 BO), who managed to be eligible for the Olympiad last year, CSS's History Bee and Bowl team now includes seven members meeting the requirements of competing in the Olympiad.


The Asian Championships will be held in Phuket in June while the International History Olympiad will take place in the College of William and Mary in Virginia, the United States of America, this summer.