School Documents

School Documents



Parent Handbook


Student Handbook


School Calendar 2017-2018


Organisational Structure of CSS 2017-2018

School Policy
  Our School Uniform
  Invitational Education (IE)
  Award System and Assessment Policy
  Co-curricular Activities Programme
  Community & Service, Other Learning Experience (OLE) and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)
  Language Policy
  Learning Support Guideline
  My Academic Responsibilities
  Digital Mobile Devices and Computer Usage Policy
  Conduct during PE Lessons
  Policy on Changing Language Courses
  Anti-bullying Policy
  Policies on Public Displays of Affection and on Respecting Personal Space
  Reading Time/No Writing Time Policy
Education Bureau Comprehensive Review
School Development Plan
  Development Plan 2007-2011
  Development Plan 2011-2014
  Development Plan 2014-2017
  Development Plan 2017-2020
School Annual Plan
  School Annual Plan 2007-2008
  School Annual Plan 2008-2009
  School Annual Plan 2009-2010
  School Annual Plan 2010-2011
  School Annual Plan 2011-2012
  School Annual Plan 2012-2013
  School Annual Plan 2013-2014  
  School Annual Plan 2014-2015
  School Annual Plan 2015-2016
  School Annual Plan 2016-2017
  School Annual Plan 2017-2018
School Annual Report
  School Annual Report 2006-2007
  School Annual Report 2007-2008
  School Annual Report 2008-2009
  School Annual Report 2009-2010
  School Annual Report 2010-2011
  School Annual Report 2011-2012
  School Annual Report 2012-2013
  School Annual Report 2013-2014
  School Annual Report 2014-2015
  School Annual Report 2015-2016
  School Annual Report 2016-2017
CEG (Capacity Enhancement Grant) Plan
  CEG Plan 2007-2008
  CEG Plan 2008-2009  
  CEG Plan 2009-2010  
  CEG Plan 2010-2011  
  CEG Plan 2011-2012
  CEG Plan 2012-2013
  CEG Plan 2013-2014  
  CEG Plan 2014-2015 
  CEG Plan 2015-2016
  CEG Plan 2016-2017
  CEG Plan 2017-2018

Careers and Life Planning Programme Plan

  Plan 2014-2015  
  Plan 2015-2016
  Plan 2016-2017

CSS DLG Three Year Plan 1617 


Strengthening School Administration Management Grant 2016-2017


QEF-funded Project: Final Report of Use of New Technology in School Administration

Sexual Harassment Policy

Guidelines for Handling School Complaints