School Emblem
School Emblem


The emblem for Creative Secondary School has the three letters "CSS" arranged to represent a tree. This is a clear progression from the emblem for Creative Primary School and its Kindergarten , which is a young green shoot.

Both emblems express our mission to help students grow eventually into  healthy, balanced, active and compassionate citizens of the world.

In many cultures, a tree also represents knowledge (hence the expression "the tree of knowledge"). There is the well-known Chinese proverb "百年樹人". Our houses are therefore named after trees commonly found in Hong Kong. (Please refer to our School House System for details).  

School Uniform

The new senior school uniform has been designed with the help of student designers as well as consultation with senior students.

Both the new and existing school uniform is on sale at the school’s outfitters Kam Lun. Parents can also choose to procure the school uniform from their own tailor – samples of the school uniform is available for parents’ reference from the school office.