The school intends to develop a modern curriculum that promotes the all-round development of young learners and prepares them for the challenges of sustainable human advancement in an increasingly complex and globalised world.
The curriculum will therefore emphasize breadth, balance and inter-connection of learning areas, and relevance to the lives of students as well as to the world at large. It will promote proactive, creative and inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning. The curriculum will also facilitate students' personal growth by providing opportunities for students to learn about and act upon their responsibility to the community, and to reflect on the essential qualities of traditional values, intellectual heritage and cultural aspirations of their own and other communities.
Given the specific context of being located in Hong Kong, the school will vigorously promote students' communicative fluency in English, Putonghua and Cantonese, as well as literacy in Chinese and English for academic, creative and future professional purposes.
The curriculum will be evaluated according to the extent to which our graduates will become internationally-minded, critically-aware, caring and creative citizens and leaders.