The Curriculum Model

The Curriculum Model



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1. Junior Secondary Curriculum (Form 1 to Form 3)

2. Senior Secondary Curriculum & choice of 2 Diplomas

The Arts at CSS - Form 3 to Form 6

Design & Technology of CSS - Form 3 to Form 6


Junior Secondary Curriculum (Form 1 to Form 3)

 The Hong Kong secondary curriculum from Form 1 to Form 3 is implemented at CSS through the framework of the IB MIddle Years Programme. There is an excellent match between the 8 Key Learning Areas in Hong Kong and the 8 subject groups of the IB MYP.


MYP Subject Groups

New HK Curriculum Key

Learning Areas

CSS subjects

Language & Literature
Chinese, English
Chinese and English Literature
Language Acquisition English, NCS Chinese

English and Chinese Language Acquisition

Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science Integrated Science
Design Technology ICT, D&T & Food Technology
Individuals & Societies

Personal, Social & Humanities Education

Individuals & Societies
Arts Arts Visual Arts, Music & Drama
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education


IBMYP wheel


In our implementation of the MYP, the programme is covered over three years, from Form 1 to Form 3. Chinese and English are taught as Language & Literature, for students who have native-speaking or strong capability in the language(s).

We also teach Chinese and English as second languages through Language Acquisition courses.

The holistic learning through Concepts and Global Contexts, as well as the Community Project, prepares our students very effectively for their Senior Years:

  • the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and the Extended Essay for the IB Diploma Programme, or

  • Liberal Studies, a core subject in the Hong Kong Diploma, which includes an Independent Enquiry Study 







Senior Secondary Curriculum & choice of 2 Diplomas

From August 2014,  Form 4 CSS students will principally follow the new three-year senior secondary Hong Kong curriculum leading to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education ; the IB Diploma is offered to some students in Form 5&6 as an alternative option.

Form 4


  Core Subjects  English, Chinese, Mathematics, Liberal Studies 
  Elective Subjects Available   

 Music, Visual Art, Drama, Business, Accounting & Financial

 Studies (BAFS),Technology and Living, Design & Applied 

 Technology, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History,

 Geography, Economics


Other Learning Experiences (OLE): 

This includes Physical Education, community service, a week's work experience programme, Careers Education and participation in co-curricular activities.


Form 5 & 6


Students will be given career guidance and advice to inform their choice of either the HKDSE or the IB Diploma in Form 5 & 6. The school will then decide which students would study which Diploma:


HK Diploma  – English, Chinese, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, plus up to three elective subjects studied in Form 4, and Other Learning Experiences (OLE).

IB Diploma  – English, Chinese, Mathematics plus 3 further elective subjects which must include at least one science subject and one "Individuals & Societies" subject, plus a "core" consisting of Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action & Service (CAS).