The Curriculum Model

The Curriculum Model



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1. Junior Secondary Curriculum (Form 1 to Form 3)

2. Senior Secondary Curriculum & choice of 2 Diplomas



Junior Secondary Curriculum (Form 1 to Form 3)

 The Hong Kong secondary curriculum from Form 1 to Form 3 is implemented at CSS through the framework of the IB MIddle Years Programme. There is an excellent match between the 8 Key Learning Areas in Hong Kong and the 8 subject groups of the IB MYP.


MYP Subject Groups

New HK Curriculum Key

Learning Areas

CSS subjects

Language & Literature
Chinese, English
Chinese and English Literature
Language Acquisition English, NCS Chinese

English and Chinese Language Acquisition

Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science Integrated Science
Design Technology ICT, D&T & Food Technology
Individuals & Societies

Personal, Social & Humanities Education

Individuals & Societies
Arts Arts Visual Arts, Music & Drama
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education


IBMYP wheel


In our implementation of the MYP, the programme is covered over four years, from Form 1 to Form 4. Chinese and English are both accessible as Literature, for students who have native-speaking or strong language capability, as well as Language Acquisition (i.e. as a second language)

The holistic learning through Concepts and Global Contexts, as well as the Personal Project, prepares our students very effectively for their Senior Years:

  • the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course and the Extended Essay for the IB Diploma Programme, or

  • Liberal Studies, a core subject in the Hong Kong Diploma, which includes an Extended Essay







Senior Secondary Curriculum & choice of 2 Diplomas

From August 2014,  Form 4 CSS students will principally follow the new three-year senior secondary Hong Kong curriculum leading to the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education ; the IB Diploma is offered to some students in Form 5&6 as an alternative option.

Form 4


  Core Subjects  English, Chinese, Mathematics, Liberal Studies 
  Elective Subjects Available   

 Music, Visual Art, Drama, Business, Accounting & Financial

 Studies (BAFS),Technology and Living, Design & Applid 

 Technology, ICT, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History,

 Geography, Economics


Other Learning Experiences (OLE): 

This includes Physical Education, community service, a personal project lasting over six months, a week's work experience programme, Careers Education and participation in co-curricular activities.


Form 5 & 6


Students will be given career guidance and advice to inform their choice of either the HKDSE or the IB Diploma in Form 5 & 6. The school will then decide which students would study which Diploma:


HK Diploma  – English, Chinese, Mathematics, Liberal Studies, plus up to three elective subjects studied in Form 4, and Other Learning Experiences (OLE).

IB Diploma  – English, Chinese, Mathematics plus 3 further elective subjects which must include at least one science subject and one "Individuals & Societies" subject, plus a "core" consisting of Extended Essay (EE), Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action & Service (CAS).