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HKDSE Scholarship

IBDP Scholarship

 Entering Form 4 – Form 6 (Students entering Form 4 who have  made  a definite commitment to study HKDSE in Form 4-6)

 Entering Form 5 – Form 6

Overall Framework

Your application will be considered as follows:

Domains of Assessment

Methods of Assessment


 Academic Achievement (maximum 10 points)
 Grade achieved for each subject

 Term 2 school report


 Activities (maximum 5 points)
 Quality of your learning including your participation in and contribution to the class,

 interest/enthusiasm for the subject, and other qualitative indicators of excellence in  learning

 Teachers’ comments in Term 2 school report


 Aptitude and aspirations (maximum 5 points)
 Your interest in subjects and their relationship to your future aspirations in terms of tertiary  education and career path

 Your personal statement

Application Procedure

  1. Both current and new students can apply for HKDSE/IBDP Scholarship.
  1. Download forms on the school website:
  1. Cover Sheet for Scholarship Application (one cover sheet for all scholarships applied)
  2. Personal Statement for HKDSE / IBDP Scholarship

  1. Send completed forms by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND by hardcopy to the General Office before the application deadline (June every year).

  1. Submit supporting documents, if applicable, to the General Office.

Current Students

New Students


 Not required

 School reports from previous school


 Recommendation letters from previous school

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Revised January 2017