卓越表現獎學金 申請須知

Eligibility: Entering all Forms

Overall Framework

Your talents in a special field of endeavor, and significant amount of time and energy devoted to this field are recognized so as
to encourage you to further advance your area of specialism. Examples of areas of specialism include music, various sports
(athletics, swimming, badminton, table tennis, basketball, etc.), visual arts, dance, martial arts, chess, mathematics, leadership
and service, environmentalism, and others.

Your application and/or portfolio will be considered holistically. The panel will make its judgment based on qualitative and
quantitative considerations under three broad domains:

  1. Achievements (maximum 10 points)
  2. Activities (maximum 5 points)
  3. Aptitude and aspirations (maximum 5 points)

Within each domain, your track record, typically over the most recent two years (although earlier milestones will be taken into
consideration), will be assessed.

Application Procedure

  1. Both current and new students can apply for Special Scholarship.

  2. Download forms on the school website (both current and new students):

    a) Cover Sheet for Scholarship Application (one cover sheet for all scholarships applied)

    b) Application Form for Special Scholarship

  3. Send completed forms by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. AND by hardcopy to the General Office before the application
    deadline (June every year).

  1. Submit a portfolio, if applicable, to the General Office. The portfolio should include photocopies of your school reports
    (for new students only), certificates, awards, references, and sample of your work.

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Revised January 2017