There are two types of activities in the eight-day trip, traditional cultural study and volunteer service.

Xian and Luoyang , are two historically & culturally renowned cities of China. Chosen as a capital for many different dynasties, they used to be the political, economic and cultural center of China. In Xi'an, the students visited historical and cultural attractions such as Shi Huang Terracotta Museum, Huaqing Hot Springs, Shaanxi History Museum, and the Xi'an Incident Museum, and then took train to Luoyang to visit Longmen Grottoes, Guan Lin in Luoyang, and appreciate the martial art performance in Shoaling Temple.

Our students had a great exchange visit to the Xian No.48 secondary school, including attending their classes, enjoying the Shan Xi opera, and having group activities and dinner with them. Through those exchange activities, students understand the cultural differences, Besides these, our students also visited a local orphanage school, and had organized activities with them. Our students also did voluntary teaching with their own story books and English songs for a school in poor rural area. Everybody was really enthusiastic and had good interaction with local students. Finally our students did an amazing singing performance for the whole school.

There is a Chinese saying, ‘Travelling is better than reading thousands of books’ .In this trip, students can understand the profound essence of traditional China as well as various changes in current society. They could see cultural differences between the mainland and Hong Kong, and learn from each other during the whole process.



本 校學生與西安市第四十八中學進行豐富的交流活動,其中包括觀課、欣賞秦腔歌唱表演、與當地學生進行小組遊戲活動,並共進晚餐,學生得以了解當地中學生的 學習環境與文化差異。另外,學生亦到訪當地一所孤兒院,與小朋友一起進行遊戲活動、載歌載舞,氣氛融洽且熱鬧;最後與西安一所貧困小學進行義教服務,學生 預先準備了一本自己編製的中英對照故事書,及一首英文歌曲,學生嘗試擔當小老師的角色,與當地小學生說說唱唱,小學生反應熱烈,積極投入,其後同學們打成 一片,歌唱表演非常精彩,為此難忘的八天旅程畫上完美的句號。