Under the supervision of Ms. Cherry So, some F.5 students have formed an organizing committee to prepare a service trip to Tai O. The committee named the trip 'CSS Footprint – Chapter Tai O' as they would like this trip to be a start and more chapters to come.

On 29 March, 24 students together with 4 teachers got on a ferry to Tai O from Tung Chung. Once they arrived, they settled down at the stilt hut and the students were divided into different groups to start their first service – wheel chair cleaning. As one third of the population in Tai O is elderly, they are thus the target service group of this trip.

The students have arranged many activities within the 3-day service trip, including mangrove cleaning, fish catching on shrimp boat, cultural and ecological trip. They have learnt much about Tai O through these activities and contributed to the community in different ways.

Before leaving Tai O, all students were involved in a performance to the elderly in Tai O. They played games with the elderly and sang together. This was not only a fruitful trip, but also a meaningful learning experience for the students.