Alumni Association
Creative Secondary School Alumni Association

Welcome Message from the CSSAA Preparatory Committee
We are very excited to announce the establishment of the CSSAA as a formal organization in CSS. Looking back, our school has nurtured over 600 graduates, who continued their studies in many different parts of the world, including Hong Kong, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, etc.
The aim of our association is to allow former CSS student to stay in touch with CSS, and encourage our fellow graduates to develop a strong sense of belonging. Following the setup of CSSAA, we will be organising a wide range of events for our alumni to build connections and form relationships within the community, and also with CSS. We will also be delivering members with the newest updates on CSS and CSSAA.
It is our responsibility to encourage our alumni to support each other and contribute back to CSS. Stay in touch with us and let us continue to mark down all our memories of CSS together.
CSSAA Preparatory Committee
November 2017

Principal's Message to CSSAA
Dear CSS graduates,
Thank you for inviting me to say a few words on this happy occasion. I hope that many of you will be back for this year's Open Day to participate in the ceremony to launch the CSS Alumni Association. Even if you are not, those of us present will definitely be thinking of you all.
Each of you have been through your unique version of the CSS experience - friendships & adventures, disappointments as well as elation, as you faced challenge after challenge before you graduated. I am sure that like me, you too look back at earlier issues of school yearbooks and photos with fond memories. With Ivy joining the CSS staff team and acting as announcer on sports day, the CSS experience has for me completed a full cycle.
We are now all looking forward to formally establishing what will frow and become a fine institution that you will be very proud of - the CSSAA. I hope that through the CSSAA and its work, you will all keep in touch with the school. I happily anticipate learning about your stories and news, to see you all celebrate each other's ventures and successes, which will inspire CSS students and newer graduates to strive for their best.
Wishing you all every happiness and excitement in your endeavors,
Cheung Siu Ming
November 2017