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CSS School Softball Team - First Win in Competition

CSS Softball Team earned the first victory since it established one year ago.

Our team participated the U19 Softball Elite Competition during the Easter Holiday. We had three pool matches in three consecutive days. The opponents in our pool were really strong (two of them were 1st and 2nd runner-ups of this competition). We had some tough moments playing against these two opponents. However, our team learnt a lot through these two games, especially in mentality. Finally, we won the third game, versus Tang Ying Hei College. Our players closed out the game with determination. 

Our boys have been practising extremely hard this year and this first win is definitely the best motivation for them to carry on.  

F3Ja Ho Chung Lai Kenneth
F3Ju Ho Yik Hang Matthew
F3Bo Ko Yi Ting Bosco
F3Ca Chan Chun Wing William
F3Ja Irawan Lok Hang Duncan
F3Ja Wong Jun Yu Maximus
F3Ca Ng Wai Yui Regan
F3Ja Leung Man Pok Christopher
F3Ba Chung Yat Robin
F2Bo Sung Jeffrey Chung Yin
F3Bo Lai Shing Hei Eric
F3De Tan Andrew Junye
F3Bo Xu Jie Xi Tom
F2Ba Lui Ho Fung Adrian
F1Ba So Pak Hang Jeffery
F4Ba Xie Jun-yi