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CSS students visit Street Sleepers

CSS Volunteer Committee has organized a street sleepers visit on 24th April 2018 in Nam Cheong, Kowloon. Students found the visit meaningful as they served the underprivileged in Hong Kong. They became more aware of the needy the society. They also learnt a lot of skills through this opportunity. Thank the team for organizing such a meaningful activity.
Joanna Leane B Barriga F3 BA
Dustin Chung F3 BA
Taylah Hay Jane F3 BA
Reyna Datta Alisha Perez F3 BO
Aiman Khalid F3 BO
Diljot Sandhu Kaur F3 CA
Carmen Pascual Pla F3 DE
Harmanjit Singh Kaur F3 DE
Rosie Woodman Bevan F3 DE
Ducan Irawan Lok Hang F3 JA
Khunsha Dar F3 JU
Sudhakar S. Amogha F3 JU
Oscar Wan Long Hei F3 JU